Yesterday I unintentionally found myself in West Hollywood during LA Pride. When we arrived, I was so happy, stumbling upon a celebration of colour and happiness. Pride. The way it should be. However, as I walked down street covered in rainbows, filled with music and people of every shape, colour, religion and orientation I noticed […]

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‘Bitch I’m back, by popular demand…’ … (is one of the opening lyrics from Beyonce’s latest smash, so let’s get into that). Are we OK? Have we all recovered? I know I haven’t blogged for a while, but after a full year of daily blogging, I wanted to take a little rest. I promised the […]

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Day 365.

In 2015, my New Years resolution was to write a blog post every day of the year. Today marks day 365 of that year of daily blogging- a resolution that I am so proud of sticking to.  Now on the first day of 2016, it’s time to look ahead and, although I’ve spent the first […]

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   Here’s the typical ‘year in review post’ I know you’ve all been waiting for…  2015 is the year I befriended an American and turned her into Arizona’s biggest WBA fan. The year  I interviewed Ella Eyre and Lawson, got press passes for some of the biggest names in the UK and met some of […]

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Leave it in 2015…

It’s time for all those typical end of the year posts again… sorry if you expected more from me! This year has been many things- bizarre, fun, exciting, terrifying, sad, astonishing, frustrating, surreal… memorable, on both a personal and global level. From Pop Culture to Politics, we’ve seen it all – the decline followed by […]

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Before you do anything else, watch THIS!!! I love when people use the name or their status to promote good, something they are passionate about or to make a positive impact on the world. I can never understand why everyone in the public eye wouldn’t want to do that.  Lilly Singh has over 7 million […]

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